Symphony Wave Power’s dry testing to pave the way for sea trials

Netherlands-based Symphony Wave Power has approached dry testing, which is the next stage of its wave power technology validation program.

Source: Symphony Wave Power

In the forthcoming months, Symphony Wave Power will set up and conduct the dry test at the Harsveld Apparatenbouw BV facilities in Gemeente Velsen. This step will allow the company to test the functionality and efficiencies before heading to sea trials.

The company’s technology complements energy transition by harnessing wave power alongside solar and wind energy. Testing the company’s rubber membrane pump mechanism signifies a step towards sustainable and cost-effective energy generation from coastal sources.

The dry test aims to mitigate risks for sea trials slated for early 2025. By validating the system on land, the company aims to confirm reliability and readiness for real-world conditions. 

Recently, the Symphony Wave Power team placed the initial components at the test site, including the support frame and key parts of the moving structure, and also confirmed the membrane’s fit within the structure and its easy installation. 

The testing program is expected to produce the required results and insights for model calibration, confirming the technology’s performance.

In October 2023, as a part of the ENCORE project, the company conducted lab testing in Sines in Portugal of its submerged wave energy converter solution, and further completed the power take-off (PTO) assembly and testing in the Netherlands at the facilities of partner and investor Multimetaal in Den Helder.

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