Rock from Pre-Salt Layer Offshore Brazil to Reach Formula 1 Podium

Rock from Pre-Salt Layer Offshore Brazil to Reach Formula 1 Podium

This Tuesday (Nov. 15), Petrobras will unveil the trophy to be awarded to the top three drivers and the winning team of Petrobras’ Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix race, scheduled for November 27, in São Paulo. Encrusted on each trophy is a rock lifted from the pre-salt layer, at a depth of 5,000 meters and estimated to be 120 million years old.

São Paulo´s plastic artist that was commissioned to design the trophies, Paulo Soláriz, admits the immense responsibility of working on such unique objects. “It is exciting to just touch a piece like this, knowing it is 120 million years old and that it was at such great depths”, he said. “The project became even more important when I heard the trophy would have this rock on it.”

The initiative is part of the “From the Bottom of the Sea to the Top of the Podium – The World’s most Valuable Trophy” campaign.

The idea behind using a rock from the pre-salt layer is to show the similarities between the long paths that the race drivers and Petrobras traveled to achieve their goals. “Knowledge, technology, a lot of talent, dedication and team work are key aspects that led us to the pre-salt discoveries. These are the same elements that F1 drivers need in order to overcome the challenges they face while gearing up for each race, which are decisive for their success,” said Jefferson Kinzel, general manager for Petrobras’ Exploratory Project Management.

Starting this Tuesday (15) until November 26th, the trophy will be at public exhibitions in São Paulo (Eldorado Shopping Center and Congonhas Airport), Rio de Janeiro (New York City Center), and Brasília (Juscelino Kubitschek Airport). All the pieces on display will be identical to those that will be delivered to the Brazilian GP winners. The making of the trophy will be shown on video screenings at the exhibitions and on the Internet.

The saga of the pre-salt rock, from the pre-salt layer to the final four trophies of Petrobras Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix, will also be told in several multimedia initiatives comprising of videos posted at Petrobras’ website, an advertising campaign, promotional actions and a cultural contest held on the social networks.

Offshore Energy Today Staff , November 15, 2011; Image: Petrobras

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