Russia: Caspian Flotilla Conducts Anti-Terror Exercises

Russia: Caspian Flotilla Conducts Anti-terror Exercises

Anti-terror exercise took place at Caspian Flotilla (CF) naval base Astrakhan. About 200 servicemen were involved in the exercise, as well as 15 ships and boats.

According to scenario, patrolmen found concealed cases with explosives and diving outfit on the bank of the Volga River. Officer on duty alarmed, and all participating ships were urgently prepared for battle and deployment. To destroy potential underwater divers, ships’ screws were propped off, and armed watch teams took positions on decks.

The crews practiced emergency unmooring; patrol boats examined the base water zone in order to detect enemy divers, and threw drill grenades at different courses. Concurrently with ship crews’ actions, guard company reinforced protection of coastal assets. When patrol boats finished grenade launching, diver teams examined bilges and screw-rudder systems of the ships and boats with the view to reveal mines or damages.

Augmenting marine unit neutralized and captured the “terror” group managed to land ashore.

Russian Navy

Source: Rus Navy, May 7, 2012; Image: Rus Navy