Photo: Saipem

Saipem teams up with Drass on Italian Navy job

The Italian Navy has selected subsea rescue system developed by energy services player Saipem in collaboration with Drass.

It will equip the SDO-SuRS (Special & Diving Operations – Submarine Rescue Ship) ship, the new vessel for the rescue of submarines.

The system integrates a latest generation remote operated vehicle (ROV) with a rescue capsule.

The ROV acts as a vector for navigation and control, while the capsule brings submariners back to the surface.

The ROV and the capsule are mechanically and electronically tied, forming a single module connected to the vessel via an umbilical cable which contains power lines and optical fibers for power, communication and control.

The entire equipment is dividable into modules and transportable by air.

Saipem will supply the ROV and all underwater automation units including the vehicle integrated into the capsule

Furthermore, Drass will supply the decompression devices, hyperbaric elements, ventilation systems and medical gas treatment systems of the capsule.

The automation subsystems came from the “Solutions” business line of Saipem’s Offshore E&C Division in Marghera (Venice).

Francesco Racheli, COO of Saipem Offshore E&C Division, said:

“The collaboration with an Italian entrepreneurial excellence such as Drass for an institution of absolute prestige such as Marina Militare Italiana fits fully into the strategic diversification plan which sees Saipem engaged not only in the energy transition and renewable sources, but also in the development of new strategic segments with high technological and innovation content.

“He also added that Saipem will continue to strengthen this relationship with Italian Navy by offering its entire portfolio of products for the inspection and surveillance.”