Bachmann electronic GmbH

Bachmann electronic is a global high-tech company committed to delivering high quality,comprehensive automation hardware for 50 years. Customers recognize our highly robust,open and trusted hardware. Bachmann reliably optimizes the operation and health ofjust one machine or an entire fleet. By using one integrated and certified system; profit,performance and safety increases significantly.

Bachmann M1: The integrated automation system

Do you have your own powerful software platform?

We will provide the right and flexible interface with Maritime Certified Hardware. One programming tool and one hardware platform offer the maritime industry an open and flexible automation system for every task. Thanks to a number of Interfaces you can integrate your AMS, PMS, CMS, Maritime 4.0 and many more in a fully Hot-Standby redundant solution.

Our offer to you:

– The M1 is fully outfitted to serve you with Maritime 4.0 (IoT) solutions including secured connections;

– Our Condition Monitoring Solution is installed in more than 11,000 systems;

– The range of CPU’s is designed to offer scalability in every performance class;

– Integrated Grid measurement and protection modules for a reliable power supply;

– Over 160 different I/O modules with the smallest footprint, including Proportional Valve Amplifiers;

– Redundancy for uninterrupted availability as network, warm and hot standby solution;

– Layer based protection for maximum IT security;

– GIO; On for all – and all in one, the configurable universal I/O module;

– Hardware in the loop testing starts with model based engineering and easy code generation direct to Matlab Simulink and 20SIM;

– Controlling a diesel, gas or dual fuel engine with Bachmann hardware in an open ECS solution is sucscessfully implemented;

– Web Visualisation/SCADA running directly on the controller is what we call integrated automation;

– The latest standards in Safety Technology using Ethernet, Redundancy or CAN bus for communication;

– 7” to 19” HMI solutions in a modern design and equipped with the latest multi-touch technology.