Sea Marshals: First Company to Gain New Armed Guard Insurance (UK)

Sea Marshals - First Company to Gain New Armed Guard Insurance (UK)

International maritime security specialist Sea Marshals Limited announced that they are the first company to gain insurance which complies with BIMCO’s new Guardcon standards.

Launched this week, BIMCO’s Guardcon provides an industry standard contract for the employment of security guards on ships. In particular it addresses concerns over the relationship between the Master and the Head of the Security team on board a vessel.

Having demonstrated its compliance with the new Guardcon standards, Sea Marshals has become the first security company to obtain an insurance policy which complies with the new requirements. The company signed documents for the policy at the end of last week to ensure it was already in compliance with Guardcon before its industry launch.

Thomas Jakobsson, Chief of Operations for Sea Marshals said: “Sea Marshals has worked hard to make sure we comply with Guardcon. Guardcon gives the whole industry a standard contract when using guards onboard ships. It specifies many things that a security provider has to live up to and has set a minimum standard for insurance. This ‘minimum standard’ is much higher than most security providers currently offer but we are pleased to have secured insurance to make sure that we comply with all the regulations in the new Guardcon contract from the very first day.”


Source: Sea Marshals, March 29, 2012