Seatrium claims world’s 1st full-scale CCS retrofit

Singaporean shipbuilding group Seatrium has secured a turnkey carbon capture and storage (CCS) retrofit contract from Norwegian shipowner Solvang ASA.

Photo credit: Solvang ASA, Norway

This pioneering initiative involves the retrofitting of a 7MW Wärtsilä CCS system onto Solvang’s ethylene carrier, the Clipper Eris. The system is expected to capture an impressive 70% of CO2 emissions from the main engine by using amine cleaning technology. The project will involve the entire value chain for handling CO2, including liquefaction and storage onboard the vessel, Seatrium said, pointing out that this is the ‘world’s first’ full-scale CCS retrofit.

Seatrium’s scope covers basic design, engineering, procurement, and integration of the CCS system, reinforcing the company’s commitment to maritime decarbonization.

This historic achievement marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

“Solvang is pleased to partner with Seatrium for our full-scale pilot project for CO2 capture onboard Clipper Eris. We have enjoyed many years of successful partnerships and Seatrium has a strong track record for decarbonization retrofit works, including the installation of an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) for four of our Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs). The selection of Seatrium aligns with our strategic direction of delivering energy efficient solutions and green energy services for a lower carbon future,” Tor Ask, Fleet Director of Solvang ASA, said.

The technology will be piloted onboard the vessel over a year while it is operating commercially. If the pilot project is successful, Solvang intends to install the technology on more vessels, including newbuilds.

Solvang has a fleet of 22LPG carriers and 7 newbuildings scheduled for delivery by 2026-2027.

“We are excited to be part of this game-changing world’s first full-scale turnkey pilot CCS retrofit. At Seatrium, we are committed to advancing environmental sustainability through the development of industry-leading solutions and the seamless execution of our projects,Alvin Gan, Executive Vice President of Seatrium Repairs and Upgrades, said.

“Our collaboration with Solvang on Clipper Eris will further boost our strong track record in the areas of maritime decarbonisation upgrades and retrofits which are expected to continue to grow in the coming years.”