Seatronics – Largest Purchaser of RESON Multibeam Sonars (UK)

 Seatronics - Largest Purchaser of RESON Multibeam Sonars

Seatronics, an Acteon company, now owns the most RESON SeaBat® multibeam echo sounder systems in the world. As part of an ongoing commitment to providing a market-leading range of rental equipment, the multimillion dollar investment will offer Seatronics’ clients the latest SeaBat 8125-H and SeaBat 7125 ROV2 systems, both of which run the new FlexMode beam-forming mode. FlexMode delivers variable-swath, real-time roll stabilisation and reliable seafloor detection in all underwater acoustic environments.

Seatronics’ managing director, David Currie said: “It is very clear that RESON multibeam sonars continue to be the most widely used and asked for multibeam rental products in the oil and gas industry. After an association with RESON spanning more than 19 years, Seatronics is still buying a range of sonars from RESON with the focus on the ROV-mounted products. In our opinion, RESON produces world-class sonar technology and Seatronics is happy to be recognised as the largest owner of its products.”

RESON has experienced record growth for multibeam echo sounder sales to date, and Seatronics was one of its largest customers and partners in 2011.

“It is positive to see that a long-term customer and partner like Seatronics has managed to build up the largest asset base of RESON SeaBat multibeam echo sounders,” said RESON chief executive officer Kim Lehmann. And we naturally appreciated the business relationship and the knowledge sharing we have with Seatronics.”


Dredging Today Staff, February 9, 2012; Image: reson