Senegal includes disputed offshore block in licensing round

Senegalese authorities have included the disputed Senegal Offshore Sud Profond (SOSP) block in a recently launched licensing round covering all open offshore blocks in the country.

The Senegalese government and African Petroleum – recently merged with PetroNor – have been in dispute since January 2018 when the oil firm lodged formal notices of dispute in respect of the SOSP block and Rufisque Offshore Profond (ROP) PSCs.

African Petroleum registered a request for arbitration proceedings to protect its interests in the two blocks, following an unsuccessful attempt to resolve a dispute with the country’s government.

Later in the year, Senegal’s Petrosen, a partner in the blocks, started seeking tenders for blocks offshore Senegal including the SOSP block, regardless of the arbitration process.

Senegal’s Petrosen holds 10 percent equity in the SOSP block while African Petroleum Senegal Limited, a subsidiary of PetroNor, holds the remaining 90 percent.

PetroNor said on Tuesday that it was still in arbitration proceedings with the Government of Senegal and continues to reserve its rights to its operating working interest in SOSP.

“As such, this […] has no impact on the arbitration process, and the board of PetroNor remains steadfast in its legal position, and looks forward to having the matter resolved through either the independent channels of arbitration or via a satisfactory settlement agreement in the interest of all parties,” PetroNor stated.