Several Contracts in British Columbia for Ocean Group

Quebec based marine company Ocean Group, through its related corporations, has been awarded numerous contracts in British Columbia as part of the expansion of its services to clients on Canada’s west coast.

“It goes without saying that a great deal of development work has been carried out on the Canadian west coast and that we are constantly monitoring business opportunities with a view to establishing our services there in a viable manner. However, we can already say that Ocean Group is present from coast to coast,” said Jacques Tanguay, President and CEO of Ocean Group.

“Ocean Dredging DM Inc, a related corporation of Ocean Group, has won the most important mechanical dredging contract in its history,” said the company in their latest release.

“The work to be carried out will consist mainly of marine dredging, subsea shoreline infilling, riprap and marine habitat compensation, including the construction of artificial reefs, for Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance (CTNCA).”

CTNCA will construct a 5.4 km road in Prince Rupert, BC to connect two facilities at the Port of Prince Rupert, Ridley Island and the container terminal on Kaien Island.

The work is estimated to take approximately three months for dredging and three to four months for riprap, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.