Sinopec discovers oil and gas in Beibu Gulf (China)

China’s Sinopec has reportedly made a “high-yield” oil and gas discovery in a test well in the Beibu Gulf, offshore China.

The country’s oil and gas giant, focused primarily on onshore exploration, on January 5th said it had completed testing at the Weizhou 4 well, with high yielding results.

According to a report in Chinese, found on the company’s website, the test at the first layer of the well had a daily output of 1264 tons of high quality oil, and 71,800 cubic meters of natural gas.

Afterwards, in the second layer, the well test had output of 1,184 tons of oil, and 76.000 cubic meters of natural gas per day.

The well, drilled by Sinopec Shanghai Offshore Oil & Gas, an offshore exploration subsidiary of Sinopec, is located around 110 kilometers from Beihai, a city in the south of Guangxi. The company said that the Weizhou 4 was one of the highest yielding wells in the area in the past decade.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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