Photo: Image courtesy of Skangas

Skangas agrees LNG supply deal with Finnsementti

Finnish LNG company Skangas and cement manufacturer Finnsementti have a deal for the supply of LNG to the Raahe blast-furnace slag plant for production process use.

Finnsementti will use LNG in the cement production process to dry aggregates, in a push to improve efficiency rate and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, Skangas said in its statement.

LNG will be delivered to the Finnsementti Raahe plant by road tanker from the Tornio Manga LNG terminal co-owned by Skangas. Before being used, LNG will be regasified on the site.

The technical services of the Skangas parent company Gasum will design and implement the equipment deliveries and installations relating to the introduction of LNG at the Raahe blast-furnace slag plant.

LNG can also be used to replace the use of petroleum-based fuels in industry, energy production and heavy-duty road transport.

The use of LNG also enables a switch to liquefied biogas (LBG) without any additional investments, Skangas said, noting that LNG meets the requirements set by the Sulphur Directive regulating shipping emissions as well as the stricter emission limits to be applied in the future.

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