Spain and France double their interconnection capacity

Spain and France have completed the new interconnection link that doubles the electricity interconnection capacity between the two countries.

The completion of this project is a part of a broader strategy to form the Energy Union between EU countries.

The project was inaugurated by French and Spanish Prime Ministers Manuel Valls and Mariano Rajoy respectively.

It will increase the interconnection capacity between France and Spain from 1400 MW to 2800 MW.

The project received EUR 255 mln from EU, with the total cost of the project amounting to EUR 700 mln.

Miguel Arias Cañete, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, said: “The increased interconnection capacity will allow renewable electricity to flow more freely in the European market, and make the European power system more reliable. More energy companies will also be able to compete across borders, resulting in greater choice and cheaper energy prices for consumers. This will not be an isolated project. The Juncker Commission will continue to work relentlessly to connect Europe’s energy markets to give safer, cleaner and cheaper energy to our citizens, households and businesses.”

The European Council has called for all EU member states to achieve interconnection of at least 10 percent of their installed electricity production capacity by 2020. This means that each Member State should be able to transport 10 percent of their electricity production across their borders via electricity cables.

Image: European Commision