Subsea 7 and CRC-Evans Announce Global Technology Partnership Agreement

Subsea 7 Inc , one of the world’s leading subsea engineering and construction companies, announced today that it has entered into a global technology partnership agreement with CRC-Evans Pipeline International (CRC-Evans) that will lead to both companies providing a range of enhanced pipeline fabrication services to the global offshore subsea engineering and construction market.

CRC-Evans is a market leader in the design and provision of offshore and onshore pipeline construction equipment, automatic welding technology, pipeline joint coating application and pipeline fabrication spoolbase management.

The technology partnership agreement will result in CRC-Evans working with Subsea 7 across its global operations to provide a range of onshore and offshore pipeline technologies and support services to Subsea 7’s global customer base.

The agreement will commence immediately and will include the installation of CRC-Evans’ advanced automatic welding, coating and testing technologies at Subsea 7 pipelines fabrication spoolbases in Angola, Brazil, Norway and in the UK. CRC-Evans will work with Subsea 7 to manage the installation of the new technology and develop the appropriate procedures and skills required to ensure that technology is optimised to provide Subsea 7’s clients the highest quality of service possible in a safe, efficient and effective way.

The agreement will also include CRC-Evans working with Subsea 7’s Houston based J-Lay team to develop and enhance the J-Lay and double jointing capability that Subsea 7 currently has on its flex-lay pipelay vessel the Seven Seas. Both parties will also work together on specific market driven R&D projects to develop a range of new technologies that will help Subsea 7 provide its clients with the enhanced technical capability increasingly required to meet the demands of ultra-deepwater oil and gas fields in areas such as offshore Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico.

John Evans, Subsea 7’s Chief Operating Officer, welcomed the partnership agreement by saying;

“Subsea 7 has a long history of working closely with key suppliers to enhance what we can offer to our clients. This is one of Subsea 7’s key strengths and what I believe differentiates us from our competitors. There is no doubt that pipeline fabrication is one of the most demanding aspects of the subsea construction industry. I believe that Subsea 7 and CRC-Evans have the right fit of culture and technical expertise to be able to provide an unprecedented quality of service to our clients that neither of us could do individually”.

Tim Carey – Chief Executive Officer of CRC-Evans said “CRC-Evans has long been a provider of leading-edge technologies and systems for land-based pipeline construction with a growing presence in the offshore market. We believe that the technology partnership with Subsea 7 is the ideal platform to further extend this offshore presence. More importantly, the partnership matches our state-of-the-art welding and field joint coating technologies and pipeline welding and spoolbase fabrication knowhow with Subsea 7’s leading vessels, subsea experience and pipeline fabrications support facilities. We see strong benefits flowing to both parties, including advanced J-Lay capabilities for Subsea 7 through the integration of new welding technologies and processes into its existing system and, for CRC-Evans, the chance to partner with Subsea 7 as a key supplier and to bring enhanced skills and experience to the overall SURF market.”


Source: Subsea7, August 6, 2010: