Subsea engineering survey wraps up at Marinus Link

The subsea engineering survey of Australian Marinus Link, a proposed 1,500 MW subsea and underground electricity connection between Victoria and Tasmania, has been completed.

The campaign, described as the largest-ever underwater engineering survey of Bass Strait, has been completed after six weeks.

According to the project’s update, the expert crew of 30 onboard the 87-metre TEK Ocean Spirit docked at Port Anthony on Wednesday, 30 April 2022, following their work across 255 kilometres of ocean between Heybridge in North West Tasmania and Waratah Bay in South Gippsland, Victoria.

The aim of the survey was to refine the final design and installation methodology for the proposed Marinus Link interconnector cable.

To remind, MMA Offshore secured a $4 million contract to conduct the Marine Engineering Geotechnical Site Investigation (MEGSI) back in December 2021.

The activities kicked off on 11 February 2022 and the investigation was conducted on approximately 110 sites across the Bass Strait, in sea depths up to 80 metres.

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It is the third major marine survey undertaken to determine the most suitable corridor for burying the project’s undersea cables.

The proposed Marinus Link interconnection involves approximately 255 kilometres of subsea HVDC cable and approximately 90 kilometres of underground HVDC cable.

The $3 billion project is expected to cut at least 140 million tonnes of CO2 by 2050 and create at least 2,800 direct and indirect jobs through construction.

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