Warrior way, tidal test site

Swansea University trials tidal turbine at Wales’ Marine Energy Test Area

A tidal turbine made to operate in remote communities has been tested and utilized at Wales’ Marine Energy Test Area (META).

Source: META Wales

Swansea University researchers, under the leadership of Professor Ian Masters, are developing the device. Testing is conducted at META’s Warrior Way site in Pembroke Dock.

“It is a real privilege to be testing tidal energy in a realistic tidal flow. META has enabled us to take our research out of the lab and into the real world,” said Ian Masters, Professor of Ocean Energy, at Swansea University.

“We have gathered valuable data which we’re going to share with the scientific community, providing the tidal energy community with data needed to move more quickly towards commercial viability.”

Warrior Way, situated upstream of the Cleddau Bridge in Pembroke Dock, serves as META’s main tidal stream test location.

With depths ranging from two to 20 meters, the site accommodates testing of various scaled and micro-tidal devices, components, subassemblies, and scientific instruments.

The 3m diameter two-bladed turbine, equipped with a water pump power take-off, was installed beneath a floating barge from Rudders Boatyard. 

Multiple ADCPs were placed around the turbine to capture real-time tidal flow, providing insights into the turbine’s response and performance in relation to the flow as well as its effect on it, said META.

The barge system, featuring a hydraulic arm for turbine deployment and moorings for stability, was designed for the project but can be modified for testing alternative turbine designs or supporting various marine energy research projects.

“It is very pleasing to see the team from Swansea University make the most of all that our Warrior Way tidal test site has to offer – including its consented status, easy access, shelter from weather and the availability of real flow conditions,” said Saul Young, Operations Manager, META.

“The operations conducted by Swansea University and local marine contractors Rudders Boatyard and Dale Sailing were a resounding success from installation to decommissioning which is a credit to their capabilities and expertise.”

META stands out as Wales‘ sole pre-consented, pre-commercial test site, facilitated by funding from the Swansea Bay City Deal and as a key partner of the Pembroke Dock Marine Project.

It provides an opportunity for testing wave, tidal, and floating offshore wind (FLOW) technologies in actual sea conditions within the Milford Haven Waterway, complemented by port, engineering, and manufacturing facilities.

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