Photo: TDI-Brooks

TDI-Brooks snaps up Gregg Drilling’s CPT production assets

Offshore geotechnical player TDI-Brooks has entered into an agreement to acquire Gregg Drilling’s CPT cone manufacturing capability in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The acquisition includes offices, laboratory, machine shop and warehouse space of Gregg Drilling’s cone penetrometers.

TDI-Brooks has also purchased assets houses there, including machinery, test equipment, and inventory to manufacture these cones.

This acquisition provides TDI-Brooks full design, manufacturing, maintenance, and calibration capabilities of specialized cones designed for its CPT-Stinger and gravity CPT (gCPT) used in offshore marine geotechnical programs.

Purchase of these assets will allow the company to continue to offer a wide array cone penetrometer testing capabilities, as well as to develop more new features and new tools.

Use of tools such as the cone penetrometer, combined with laboratory testing at TDI-Brooks, enables the identification of soil layers for offshore site characterization studies.