Terna Tyrrhenian Link

Terna consulting on Tyrrhenian Link

Italian transmission system operator Terna has recently initiated public consultations on the new Tyrrhenian Link interconnection, the undersea power line that will link Sicily to Sardinia and Campania.

Courtesy: Terna

Consultation event dedicated to the citizens of Termini Imerese already took place on Tuesday this week.

Terna presented three different alternatives for locating the converter station; two planned within the industrial area and a third in the area adjacent to the existing Caracoli electrical station.

Citizens of the municipalities of Battipaglia and Eboli also had a consultation event yesterday, with another one scheduled online on Thursday, 4 February.

Specifically, Terna is presenting two different locations for the electrical converter station in the municipality of Eboli, both within agricultural areas adjacent to the existing overhead power line.

Following the public consultation, the results will be forwarded to the competent ministries in order to start the authorisation process.

Tyrrhenian Link

Terna Tyrrhenian Link
Courtesy: Terna

The Tyrrhenian Link is a strategic project for the Italian electricity system for which Terna will invest approximately € 3.7 billion over the next few years, and as a result involve 250 companies.

The new interconnection involves the construction of two undersea power lines (one from Campania to Sicily and one from Sicily to Sardinia) for a total of 950 kilometres of 1000 MW direct current connection.