The added value of added value

In a low barrel price environment, everyone is always looking at ways to reduce costs. The Technical Session: Supply Chain Optimization which takes place at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015 in Amsterdam in October, looks at best practices in cost reductions, discussing both the role of technological innovation and the potential of new business models in supply chain optimization.

The two hour session will be moderated by Willem Molenaar, CEO at SMRT Projects.

One of the contributions during Supply Chain Optimization comes from Harry Koning, Regional Sales Director North Sea at Allrig. In his daily business Koning has the goal to add value to every relevant part in the supply chain: “I want to be a real partner in terms of solution providing, cost effectiveness and efficiency rather than (only) providing the cheapest solution possible.” But how to create this? What does adding value even mean? Is it an entirely new phenomenon? And above all, how to incorporate added value in your business strategy?

Martin Jonker, Director Global Purchasing at CB&I will address supply chain optimization from an EPC perspective. Jonker will discuss how procurement is a key influencer of a project. It represents 40% of project cost and is a major factor in scheduling. Therefore procurement is of strategic importance in the quest to achieve shorter and reliable delivery times against reduced cost. According to Jonker, integration in the supply chain is imperative to achieve these goals: integration between the client, key suppliers and EPC contractor.

Jimmy van der Zwaan is a partner of Taxand Netherlands and is the global service line leader of Taxand’s energy tax service line. He will highlight an optimal supply chain from a tax perspective. Optimization of the supply chain, of course, should be driven by the business. Nevertheless, it is important to watch your tax position in doing so. In optimizing your business, tax benefits may be achieved. And next to tax benefits it’s possible to reduce (tax) compliance and maintenance costs by managing your supply chain efficiently.

Rob Petersen and Arjen de Groot, respectively Commercial Director and Director of the Shared Service Centre at GreenPower Nano Surface Technology Group, will talk about how a partnership can be the catalyst of innovation. Activein the nanotechnology industry, the GreenPower Nano Surface Technology Group consists out of a group of organizations that are all specialists in a particular field. They joined forces to innovate into the nanotechnology industry and provide future customers including in the offshore oil, gas & energy and maritime industries with a high quality total care service.

The technical session: Supply Chain Optimization takes place Wednesday the 13th of October between 14.00 and 16.00 o’clock. Check the full Conference Program at Offshore Energy 2015.


Source: Navingo BV