The Netherlands: ALE Unveils 50.000te Mega Jack System


ALE has recently unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation – the Mega Jack system. Capable of lifting 50,000te to a height of 25m, the Mega Jack has been developed by ALE to meet the increasing demand in the offshore industry to jack up larger and heavier oil and gas platform modules and other large structures.

The system comprises of jacking towers, each jacking tower has a jacking capacity of 5,200te and consists of four jacking bases that contain a hydraulic jack with a stroke of 1250mm. Totally scalable, the number of towers can be adapted and increased according to the size, weight and balance of the structure, opening up new possibilities for an offshore sector increasingly under pressure to build ever bigger rigs.

Executive Director Ronald Hoefmans explains: “The Mega Jack has been built to fill a huge gap in the market. We’ve consulted clients at every stage of development, which has given us focus to really push the boundaries of engineering and develop a technology that can not only jack up structures of staggering weights and sizes, but can jack them up higher and with greater stability and control than previously thought possible. Its ability to jack up complete structures also cuts the requirement for multiple load-outs, offering significant time and cost savings for clients as well as minimising the need to work at height”.

The new system also strengthens ALEs capabilities for delivering end-to-end turnkey projects to the offshore industry: “For us, the Mega Jack is not only an achievement in engineering, but also the final piece in being able to deliver the whole project for our clients. It means a stronger offering and complete accountability and continuity of service.”


Source:ALE  , May 27, 2011;