Tidal lagoon review head visits Swansea

Charles Hendry (Photo: DECC)
Charles Hendry (Photo: DECC)

Charles Hendry, former UK energy minister who was appointed by DECC to lead the tidal lagoons review, has visited Swansea last Friday to explore options and opportunities of tidal lagoon energy in the region.

Hendry had meetings arranged with the representatives of Tidal Lagoon Power, the company behind the proposed Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project, as well as with the members of local councils, businesses and the potential lagoon supply chain, according to South Wales Evening Post.

As reported earlier, the tidal lagoons review includes considering the cost-effectiveness of tidal lagoon energy as part of the UK energy system, as well as the potential opportunities in the UK and internationally that could arise from tidal lagoon energy.

“We all recognise that tidal power is an expensive technology. It has got to be done in a way which is cost effective,” South Wales Evening Post has quoted Hendry as saying.

Hendry also said that the competition in building tidal energy lagoons in the UK would be good, but it was unlikely that a competitor for the construction of Swansea Bay tidal lagoon would arise, South Wales Evening Post reports.

Hendry was appointed as head of the tidal lagoon energy review in May. The findings from the review are expected to be revealed in autumn.

The review will also include exploring a range of possible structures for tidal lagoons financing, different sizes of projects as the first of a kind, and whether a competitive framework could be put in place for the delivery of tidal lagoon projects.

To remind, the 320 MW Swansea Bay tidal lagoon was granted a planning consent on June 9, 2015, by the UK Secretary of State, Amber Rudd.

Once constructed, the £1 billion Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project is expected to cover annual electricity requirements of over 155,000 homes, or over 90% of homes in the Swansea Bay area.

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