Titan converts newly acquired ships to LNG-bunkering vessels

Dutch bunker supplier Titan has completed the conversion of its recently acquired vessels, Titan Unikum and Titan Vision, into state-of-the-art LNG bunker vessels.

The company bought the two ships at the beginning of 2023 from Canadian gas transportation company Seapeak for bunkering retrofit.

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Titan Unikum’s conversion was executed at the Metalships & Docks S.A.U. shipyard in Spain. The vessel has been equipped with essential bunkering equipment, including advanced cargo transfer systems, ERS, ESL systems, and fortified mooring capabilities.

Concurrently, the evolution of Titan Vision into an LNGBV was carried out at the PaxOcean shipyard in Indonesia.

“We’re happy to announce that the conversion of our vessels Titan Unikum and Titan Vision into state-of-the-art LNG Bunker Vessels (LNGBVs) is ready,” Titan said.
“We’re happy to show the result of all the upgrading works that have been done on our vessels Titan Unikum and Titan Vision, converting them into versatile LNG Bunker Vessels (LNGBVs).”

The vessels have a cargo capacity of 12,000 cubic metres (cbm) each and are 152 metres long and 19.8 metres wide. Upon retrofitting, the ships are now able to transport and bunker LNG, liquefied biomethane (LBM) and, in the long term, hydrogen-derived e-methane (e-LNG).

The achievement serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit that propels Titan’s endeavors. The successful conversion of Titan Unikum and Titan Vision showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and progress within the maritime industry.

Titan said that the achievement shows the company’s dedication ‘to illuminate the pathway that LNG now and Bio & E LNG can provide for our customers.’

The two ships will operate in the Mediterranean and Northwestern Europe, catering to the increased demand for LNG and LBM in these regions.