Tokyo Gas Completes Fourth LNG Tank at Ohgishima Terminal

Tokyo Gas Completes Fourth LNG Tank at Ohgishima Terminal

Tokyo Gas of Japan said that the construction of the Ohgishima Terminal No. 4 LNG tank, which has the world’s largest storage capacity of 250,000 kl, was completed in October 2013, and the tank will be put into operation soon.

Ohgishima Terminal was built to supply city gas to the western metropolitan area around Kanagawa Prefecture and came on stream in October 1998.

Tokyo Gas also said in a statement released today that construction works on the Hitachi LNG Terminal and the Ibaraki-Tochigi Line are proceeding steadily, while construction also began in August 2013 on the Hitachi Line, which will provide pipe supply from the Hitachi LNG Terminal to the existing Hitachi Branch area.

Construction began on the Ohgishima Power Station No. 3 (400,000 kW) in June 2013 toward starting operations in FY2015. Efforts to promote the advanced utilization of natural gas and fuel conversion are steadily moving forward with the development of approximately 800 million m3 in demand by the end of FY2013 along with the initiation of supply through the Chiba-Kashima Line in March 2012, according to the company.


LNG World News Staff, October 30, 2013; Image: Tokyo Gas