Tokyo Gas Dec 2013 Sales Drop (Japan)

Tokyo Gas December 2013 Sales Drop (Japan)

Total gas sales volume by Tokyo Gas Co for the month of December 2013 came to about 1,274.601 million m3, down 6.2% from December 2012.

In the residential sector, volume totaled 332.827 million m3, down 11.4% from December 2012, due to higher average temperature compared to that in the same period last year and less metering days than those of last year.

In the business sector, volume totaled 208.798 million m3, down 7.5% from December 2012. In the industrial sector, volume totaled 527.831 million m3, down 4.5% from December 2012, leading to the decreased operation on existing facilities.

Volume for wholesale supply to other gas companies totaled 205.145 million m3, almost same as December 2012.

Tokyo Gas is Japan’s largest city gas supplier and its operations extend from participation in upstream LNG projects to transport by LNG tanker, conversion to gas at LNG terminals, gas supply through pipelines, sales of gas appliances, and safety at customer sites.


LNG World News Staff, January 22, 2014; Image: Tokyo Gas



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