Trump names Cheryl LaFleur to head FERC

Trump names Cheryl LaFleur to head FERC
Image courtesy of FERC

U.S. President Donald Trump named Cheryl LaFleur as acting chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission following the resignation Norman Bay.

LaFleur has been a member of the Commission since 2010, and she has already served as acting chairman of the Commission from November 2013 to July 2014 and as chairman from July 2014 until April 2015.

She will continue working with commissioners Norman Bay and Colette Honorable.

Speaking of the appointment, LaFleur said, “while I recognize that FERC is in a state of transition as we await nominations to fill vacant seats at the agency, it is important that FERC’s work on the nation’s energy markets and infrastructure move forward.”

Prior to joining the Commission, acting chairman LaFleur had more than 20 years’ experience as a leader in the electric and natural gas industry. She served as executive vice president and acting CEO of National Grid USA, responsible for the delivery of electricity to 3.4 million customers in the Northeast.

Her previous positions at National Grid USA and its predecessor New England Electric System included chief operating officer, president of the New England distribution companies, and general counsel.

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