Tsuneishi to Use Drones in Shipbuilding

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Tsuneishi to Use Drones in Shipbuilding

Japanese shipbuilder Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation participated in a demonstration test conducted by V-cube to verify whether it would be possible to inspect equipment and gather information using live visual feedback acquired from drones (multicopters). 

The test was conducted at the Tsuneishi Factory from May 18 for a period of four days.

The videos and photos of the roof of buildings and the high place of cranes were taken, as well as of the operational status of the factory (such as the progress of construction work and the placement of blocks), using a camera installed onto the drone. These videos and photos were transmitted live.

Tsuneishi to Use Drones in Shipbuilding

According to the information provided by the videos and photos, Tsuneishi says some effective means would be found to improve the efficiency in equipment maintenance checks and in the management of the construction process.

The drone was also tested to see if it would prove useful in times of disaster by being sent at full speed to a designated location to check the situation by referring to the visual information.

Tsuneishi to Use Drones in Shipbuilding

Tsuneishi intends to utilize the service provided by V-cube that combines visual communications and drones for the purpose of enhancing productivity and safety in its shipbuilding business.

”Increasing productivity and safety is an important issue for Tsuneishi Holdings, not only for our shipbuilding business, but also for our environment and energy business and our service busines, all of which possess large-scale facilities. We have high hopes that this latest technology will help us increase efficiency at our factories and facilities, and also allow us to gather information quickly in times of disaster,” the company said in a release.


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