Tullow takes 10 pct in Dussafu block offshore Gabon

Tullow Oil has become a party to the Dussafu license joint operating agreement in Gabon. Dussafu is operated by BW Energy.

BW Adolo; Source: BW Offshore

As previously reported, Tullow in March 2019 exercised its 10% back-in right to the Dussafu production sharing contract (“PSC”). The exercise of the back-in right was subject to Tullow reimbursing the other Parties for its share of historic costs related to the Dussafu development.

The total amount has been disputed by the companies involved, however, BW Energy on Thursday said the parties “have now reached an agreement for the undisputed share of the costs, representing a total of USD 40.9 million as at the end of October 2019.”

The net amount payable by Tullow to the existing partners is $19.8 million after adjusting for Tullow’s net lifting entitlement since the start of oil production in September 2018 and some surplus cash-calls made on their behalf. The net amount payable to BW Energy is $15.9 million.

Tullow and the existing parties to the Dussafu production sharing contract on December 17, 2019, entered into a deed of novation and amendment by which Tullow became a party to the Dussafu joint operating agreement. Following the completion of the back-in right, the interests of the Parties in the PSC will be: BW Energy (73.5%), Tullow (10%), Gabon Oil Company (9%) and Panoro (7.5%).

Negotiations are ongoing to resolve the disputed costs, which amount to an additional $18.7 million. If an agreement is not reached then the dispute will be submitted to a simplified arbitration. BW Energy’s share of the disputed costs is 81.667%.


Dussafu map. Source: Panoro Energy