Photo: Borr's Arabia I and Arabia II; Source: Screenshot from Borr's video

Two Borr jack-up rigs heading to Middle East to start maiden deals

Following contract preparations in Singapore, two jack-up rigs from Borr Drilling are en route to Saudi Arabia to begin their contracts with the country’s energy giant, Aramco.

Borr Drilling revealed in a recent social media post that Arabia I and Arabia II jack-ups are on their way to the Middle East. Once there, the rigs will start their maiden contracts with Aramco, Borr said.

As shown in a video shared by Borr, the rigs are being transported on board Boskalis’ heavy-lift vessel, Mighty Servant 1. According to the latest AIS data, the vessel is heading to the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia where it is expected on 7 October 2022.

Arabia I and Arabia II are of a KFELS B Class design delivered in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

The rig owner’s fleet status report from August 2022 shows that both rigs had been in Singapore since April 2022 where they had been preparing for their contracts after previously being warm stacked. Both contracts are expected to start in October 2022 and end in October 2025 with options to extend.

Borr Drilling COO, Harvey Snowling, commented: “I’m extremely proud of the extended Borr Drilling team for achieving this important milestone under a challenging schedule and, most importantly, safely. Our team has spared no efforts to make sure we could deliver to our customers expectations and fulfil their growth ambitions.”