U.S. offshore rig count slips down few more notches

Baker Hughes’ weekly rig count report has shown that the number of offshore rigs in the U.S. took a tumble last week and fell by 3 more units. However, the total number of rigs operating in the U.S. remains the same as it was during the previous week.

Transocean Endurance rig (for illustration purposes); Source: Transocean

Following a decrease in the number of offshore rigs to 16, Baker Hughes disclosed on Friday, 27 January 2023, that the number of rigs working in the U.S. went down to 13 units.

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Baker Hughes Rig Count: U.S. total unchanged at 771 rigs

U.S. Rig Count is unchanged from last week at 771 in total with oil rigs down 4 to 609, gas rigs up 4 to 160 and miscellaneous rigs unchanged at 2.

U.S. Rig Count is up 161 rigs from last year’s count of 610 with oil rigs up 114, gas rigs up 45 and miscellaneous up 2.

The U.S. Offshore Rig Count is down 3 to 13, down 5 year-over-year.

Baker Hughes Rig Count: Canada is up 6 to 247 rigs

Canada Rig Count is up 6 from last week to 247, with oil rigs up 4 to 157, gas rigs up 2 to 90.

Canada Rig Count is up 30 rigs from last year’s count of 217 with oil rigs up 22, gas rigs up 8.