UAE: Dredge Yard to Supply Turning Glands for Several TSHDs

Dredge Yard to Supply Turning Glands for Several TSHDs

The dredge turning glands will be used on board of several TSHD and they are designed according to the customer’s requirements and applications using the latest 3D CAD technologies and Finite Element Analysis to ensure achieving an optimum strength and stiffness.

The turning glands are manufactured from cast carbon steel and fabricated steel and machined and assembled with Dredge Yard partners and Dredge Yard facility in the United Arab Emirates.

The inner pipe of the turning gland is made out of one casting to make the complete design stronger and stiffer while saving weight and prod. Dredge Yard quality control inspectors scrutinize all the dredge turning glands during and after their production stages carrying out various tests such as the chemical composition and mechanical properties test, measurement test of all dimensions after casting and machining, ultra sonic testing, magnetic particle, surface roughness test and dye penetrant inspection for critical parts, measurement test of all dimensions after machining, hardness test, assembly and interchange ability test, visual inspection for all parts during and after assembly.

The Dredge Turning Gland is the latest dredge component accurately and professionally developed by Dredge Yard team of engineers and it has several interconnected benefits making it a reliable product like a compact seal design making the assembly less heavy, adjustable turning range by using dismountable stoppers, and a heavy duty wall and flange thickness.


Press Release, December 20, 2012