UK: Donald Trump Writes Another Open Letter

Scottish First Minister has received another open letter from Donald Trump regarding offshore wind turbines, which are to be built near the coast.

Mr. Trump said in his letter that the SNP’s concept of tax breaks for the golfing industry is a very good idea which will have a great impact.

Nevertheless, he argued against the idea of building offshore wind turbines, which he considers to be damaging for the Scottish environment, overly expensive and inefficient.

The Ellon Times news site brings a statement by the First Minister’s spokesman, who said that Mr. Trump’s support for the new proposals regarding golfing industry is welcomed.

He added that golf contributes a great deal to Scotland’s economy in a similar way that the country’s world-leading renewable energy industry does ­- by building on key competitive advantages to create jobs and support further investment.


Offshore WIND staff, July 23, 2012