UK eyeing O&G infrastructure for its first carbon capture, usage, and storage project

UK’s first carbon capture, usage, and storage project could be up and running from the mid-2020s, under a plan announced by the UK energy minister Claire Perry at an event in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Work is slated to start in early 2019 to identify opportunities to transform UK’s fossil fuel infrastructure for use in carbon capture and storage, diversifying the oil and gas sector.

Commissioning of the first CCUS facility from the mid-2020s would help the UK to meet the UK’s ambition of having the option to deploy CCUS at scale during the 2030s, subject to costs coming down sufficiently, the government said in a report released on Wednesday.

Apart from working on the plan for CCS next year, the government has committed to invest £20 million in supporting construction of CCUS technologies at industrial sites across the UK, as part of £45 million commitment to innovation, and invest up to £315 million in decarbonizing industry, including the potential to use CCUS.

Minister Claire Perry said that with this move “the UK is setting a world-leading ambition for developing and deploying carbon capture and storage technology to cut emissions.”

“It shows how determined all countries are to unlock the potential of this game-changing technology that representatives from across the globe are gathered here today in Edinburgh. The time is now to seize this challenge to tackle climate change while kick-starting an entirely new industry,” she added.

The government will also begin work with the Oil and Gas Authority, industry and the Crown Estate and Crown Estate Scotland to identify existing oil and gas infrastructure which could be transformed for CCUS projects.

The offshore oil and gas industry seems eager to take part in the CCUS development in the UK.

Commenting on the action plan released by the energy minister Oil & Gas UK Chief Executive, Deirdre Michie, said:

“The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry stands ready to support the development of carbon capture, usage and storage. Our supply chain is uniquely positioned to deliver cost-effective, competently engineered solutions for CCUS.

“As the UK Government’s plan notes, our world-leading sector enjoys a highly skilled and experienced workforce, established infrastructure and existing support for the work of the task force. Coupled with our ambition to meet more of the UK’s energy demands from indigenous resources over the longer term, outlined in Vision 2035, we recognize the important role we have to play in moves towards a lower carbon economy.

“It’s another example of how, at every stage of the UK’s energy journey, our pioneering industry continues to transform and adapt.”

Read the full action plan here (PDF).

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