UK firm sets up dedicated energy transition consultancy

UK firm sets up dedicated energy transition consultancy

UK engineering and management services provider Penspen has launched its Energy Transition Consultancy which will be dedicated to advising clients on low carbon-related opportunities.


Penspen said its energy transition work is built around four pillars of expertise, including building new hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure, repurposing existing infrastructure for the energy transition, operating with hydrogen and CO2, and maintaining infrastructure to maximize its lifecycle.

The consultancy will be focused on advising on low carbon-related opportunities from a project financing and development, regulatory and infrastructure standpoint

According to CEO Peter O’Sullivan, Penspen launched the consultancy in response to an increased focus on low-carbon fuels such as hydrogen across the energy industry and to address the need to overcome the global dependence on fossil fuels.

“Our focus is to improve access to sustainable energy for communities worldwide. We face several challenges in doing that, whether related to the wider economy or to the scale of the investment in the energy sector required,” O’Sullivan said.

“We believe a key factor in reducing hard to abate sources of carbon emissions, such as domestic heating, industrial heating and heavy vehicle transportation, will be the ability to reuse existing infrastructure at least initially.”

The UK company noted that the new program emphasizes its commitment to investing in growing the engineering talent pool as it is comprised of both senior engineers and consultants, but also of young engineers developed through its graduate program.