UK: Minister Eustice Meets with MP Murray over Rame Dumping

Minister Eustice Meets with MP Murray over Rame Dumping

Local MP Sheryll Murray MP last week joined some of her constituents at a meeting with DEFRA Minister George Eustice MP to discuss the issue of Rame dumping. The cross party delegation, organised by Mrs Murray, included Independent, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors as well as residents.

Minister George Eustice listened to the concerns and was fully briefed on the situation where dredged material from the Tamar is deposited close to Whitsand Bay.

Following the meeting Sheryll said: “The dredging is vital to maintain the dockyards at Plymouth upon which so many constituents’ jobs rely. What I want to see is a different site used for the dumping. I would like to thank the local people who got together to identify a disused sewage site, which is a little further out, in much deeper water. This would let this material disperse more naturally.

I would really like to thank the Minister for taking the time to come to South East Cornwall to meet local people to ensure that he is fully briefed before he meets with officials from the Department about this important local issue. I would also like to thank all the local people, and those from further afield who I urge to contact their own MPs, for the highlighting of this important issue today at the protest on the beach. Unfortunately my local advice surgeries stopped me from joining them but I certainly agree with their objectives and am working towards ensuring that the dumping at Whitsand Bay stops.”


Press Release, January 20, 2014