UMass IGERT Student Presents Environmental Research

The International Conference on Ocean Energy was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 4-6 November, 2014.

Over 600 hundred participants from 28 countries, representing industry, governments, and academia participated in the presentations, poster sessions, exhibition, and networking events.

Kendra Ryan, student at UMass IGERT Offshore Wind Energy Program, participated in the session on Impact of Energy Conversion/ Extraction on the Environment, presenting the first portion of her dissertation research entitled “Large-scale, Big Picture? Scale in US EIAs.”

This research focuses on the role of spatiotemporal scales in the environmental impact statements and environmental assessments of offshore wind energy leases and proposed projects in the United States. The session was also attended by Scottish Marine Sciences, US Department of Energy, University of Washington, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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Press release; Image: windenergyigert
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