UN: Distya Ameya No Longer Blacklisted

India-flagged tanker Distya Ameya has been removed from the UN Security Council’s blacklist initially included amid measures aimed at preventing attempts to “illicitly export crude oil from Libya.”

The ship had attempted to transport some 650,000 barrels of crude oil shipped by the country’s eastern government for UAE-based DSA Consultancy FZC. However, the attempt was thwarted by Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC), the internationally-recognized seller of Libya’s crude oil.

The cargo had been bound for Malta, nevertheless, due to the blacklisting the ship was denied entry to Maltese waters and had to return to Libya.

As a result of the blacklisting, the ship was prohibited to load, transport or discharge cargo and was denied to enter ports. The designation was valid from 27 April to 26 July 2016.

Upon the instructions of the DG Shipping, the vessel sailed back to Libya and discharged its entire oil consignment at the designated port Zawiya in Libya, under the supervision of the NOC. The cargo evacuation was completed on May 6, 2016, India’s Ministry of Shipping said.

On 12 May 2016, the Security Council Committee established that “the measures relating to attempts to illicitly export crude oil from Libya set out in paragraph 10 of resolution 2146 (2014) no longer apply to this entry.”

“Upon this the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York issued a Note Verbale to the UN Security Council apprising it of the positive developments in the compliance of order. The UN on May 12, 2016 formally lifted the sanction on the Indian vessel 16 days after it was held for carrying disputed Libyan oil,” the ministry said.

The 95,420 DWT vessel is believed to may have been sold recently to an unknown buyer and that its name may have changed to Kassos, UN said.

However, the Indian Ministry of Shipping says that the ship is owned by M/s Arya Shipping from Mumbai.

The ship is now completely free to resume its normal sailing and carry on its commercial operations, the ministry added.

World Maritime News Staff

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