Unique cooperation for a unique vessel

Launched in October 2012 the unique Cymyran Bay is much the work of Dutch labour. Netherlands-based shipyard Sepers Group and system integrator Alewijnse Marine Systems offered their knowledge and expertise to the British owner of the catamaran. Ad Sepers, director of the Sepers Group, and Dominique Megens, service coordinator at Alewijnse, tell Maritime by Holland Magazine more about this unique vessel.

The Sepers Group was not new to the client, Holyhead Towing Company. ”We already built a tugboat for them”, says Sepers. ”After that, we stayed in touch and in October 2011, we received the order for this wind farm support vessel. Next to Alewijnse, we worked with many other Dutch suppliers, carpentry company Bovi, installation company De Jong, isolation company Franssen and Van der Velde for the conservation works being the main ones. The vessel was designed by BMT Nigel Gee from Southampton. The client gave them the order to design a wind farm vessel on the basis of an already existing general arrangement. We worked closely together with BMT Nigel Gee, as the detailed engineering was not complete when we started the construction.”

Complex and differentiating

The Cymyran Bay is a 24 metre Extreme Semi Swath vessel, specifically built to maintain windmills at sea, and is owned by Ynys Mon Windfarm Vessels Ltd, which is part of Holyhead Towing Company, United Kingdom.¬†Sepers: ‘‘The hull form is unique, it distinguishes itself with that from other vessels. Also the technology on board is very complex and differentiating, as it is a very small vessel with a lot of technology stuffed into it.” The vessel has fore and aft container bays and dedicated areas for equipment and extra material. Not only that, but her sea-keeping capabilities are extremely good, with reduced motion at zero and as well as high speed.

”We consider the vessel to be a small project”, states Megens. ”Of course it is far from small, and also quite unique. ”What I mean to say is, that a length of 24 metres can be considered small for Alewijnse, but is by no means less challenging. The length of the installation and the complexity thereof are far more important. How did we get to be involved? Well, we know the Sepers Group and we are also familiar with Turbine Transfers Ltd, which is part of Holyhead Towing. They were looking for different quality this time. So, they came to us.”

WMN No. 2 2013 32 1Above and beyond

Many lengthy conversations followed and it soon became clear to Alewijnse what the customer wanted and what they could make possible. ”The shape of the hull is unique and much of the construction on the vessel was in fact done upside down. Thankfully, when we started off the electrical components, we did not have to do so”, smiles Megens. ”Alewijnse ensured the electrical installation and power distribution for the Cymyran Bay, such as the installation of the Boning monitoring system and the navcom. As the vessel is unique, even the electricity has to conform to a different set of regulations, which is challenging. To make sure that everything was up to standard, we literally went above and beyond. Better safe than sorry. As such we feel we can offer the reliability and redundancy this vessel requires. Thankfully, both Sepers and the Holyhead Towing Company are very open-minded, which made our job easier.”

No 2 MbH Maart 2013 voor Website.jpg 32 2Sepers adds: ”The design demanded a lot of skills, knowhow and flexibility from all parties involved. We had to challenge the boundaries, as the vessel needed to be light, but at the same time¬†very strong. Also we had to play with the space to make sure all technology and equipment could fit.” In the meantime, the first trials have been completed successfully and the vessel will be delivered shortly. Good cooperation can bring an extra sparkle to an already unique project. The Sepers Group and Alewijnse have proven that Dutch companies can deliver a good product, in harmony and with still a hint of competiveness.

Rebecca McFedries & Gail van den Hanenberg

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