UPDATE 2: MOL Comfort’s Parts Still Afloat

MOL Comfort's Parts Still Afloat

The two parts of MOL Comfort, the forward and aft portions, are drifting in the Arabian Sea after the containership broke apart two days ago during heavy weather en route to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Indian Coast Guard reports.

Another MOL operated vessel is at the site monitoring the situation of MOL Comfort’s parts. Both parts are laden with containers and drifting in an east-northeast direction, MOL said.

“Today, we arranged a patrol boat which has already departed from Port of Jebel Ali, U.A.E. to monitor the state of the vessel and the cargo and to undertake preparation of tow operations. The boat is expected to arrive at the ocean site on the 23rd of June if it goes smoothly. In parallel, we are arranging tugboats to tow the MOL Comfort.

”Yesterday afternoon, according to a report from our-operated vessel, which passed nearby the site, the MOL Comfort was floating stably even under adverse weather. It has not been acknowledged that a fire has occurred nor a large volume of oil has leaked. All crew members were safely rescued when the incident occurred,” MOL said in a press release.

MOL Comfort shipbuilder, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and operator jointly started an investigation on the cause of the incident.

World Maritime News Staff, June 19, 2013; Image: MRCC