USA: Tideland Brings Light to Perdido Project

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Tideland Signal is one of the suppliers involved in the Perdido Development, Royal Dutch Shell’s record breaking new hub located 200 miles off the coast of Texas.

Located in an isolated, ultra-deep sector of the Gulf of Mexico, Perdido, which in April started producing oil and natural gas, has broken new ground in platform engineering, becoming the first platform in this emerging frontier area.The $3 billion project is both a triumph of technology, boasting several industry firsts, and a feat of patience, given the facility has been in development for over a decade.

The Perdido project is the first of its kind in many ways, and we at Tideland Signal are proud to have provided our latest, most efficient LED flasher to mark the four corners of this innovative complex. The MLED-155 lantern with MaxiHALO-60 light source is USCG approved for Class A, B and C structures. Chosen for its compact design and efficiency, the MLED-155 utilises one-half to one-third the power of that required by competitors’ lanterns.

The Perdido marks a new era in innovation and, like the lanterns that mark it, will be in place for many years to come.

Tideland provides a complete inventory of rotationally moulded polyethylene buoys, self-contained LED lanterns, conventional LED lanterns, range lights, fog signals, fog detectors, solar power systems, rotating beacons, Racons and customized remote monitoring systems. Tideland is the leader in engineering and providing aids to marine navigation (AtoN) products to Port, Harbor and Lighthouse Authorities, Private Ports and Marinas, Coast Guards, offshore installations and maintenance companies.


Source: Tideland, May 9, 2010;

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