VIDEO: CrowdEnergy’s tidal turbine

CrowdEnergy has developed a tidal turbine that operates using the blades that open and close according to the flow of water.

The Ocean Energy Turbine consists of three sets of blades that close when they move in the same direction as the flow of water.

Closed blades create an obstacle to the flow which causes the water to push the turbine, making the main shaft and generator rotate and produce electricity.

When the blades are moving in the opposite direction as the flow of water they open creating a minimal drag in the oncoming flow.

The Ocean Energy Turbine’s generator is designed to be completely magnetically shielded.

This shielding prevents the generator from producing any rotating magnetic fields or transverse electromagnetic radiation that could affect the surrounding marine environment.

The production turbines will have a 4 m gap between the blades when the blades are open.

An Ocean Energy Turbine with a 30 m blade span in 3 m/s flow is expected to produce 13.5 MW of electricity and power approximately 13.500 homes.

The electricity produced by the turbine will be transmitted via subsea cable.

According to CrowdEnergy the turbines will be designed for a minimum 25 year lifespan.

CrowdEnergy is comprised of collection of engineers, inventors, and scientists that specialize in subsea engineering, oceanography, engineering, fabrication and design.

Take a look at the Ocean Energy Turbine prototype operating in a test tank.

Source/Image: CrowdEnergy