Video: Sevan FLNG Offshore Offloading

Video Sevan FLNG Offshore OffloadingSevan Marine has developed a unique concept for Floating LNG production based on their cylindrical hull concept. The concept was first presented by Sevan’s COO Lars Odeskaug for the 11th FLNG Asia Summit in Seoul 21-22 October 2013.

According to the presentation, the main features of SEVAN FLNG are:

  • Geostationary unit; no turret and swivels;
  • Large deck area and high deck load capacity;
  • Excellent area segregation;
  • Large storage capacity;
  • Favorable motion characteristics;
  • Simple arrangement for deep cooling water intake.

Sevan FLNG’s main dimensions are as follows:

  • Hull diameter: 106 m;
  • Main deck diameter: 120 m;
  • Process deck diameter: 130 m;
  • Main deck elevation: 37 m;
  • Process deck elevation: 58 m;
  • Operating Draft: ~20 -22 m;
  • Process deck area: ~13 000 m2;
  • Utility deck area: ~5 000 m2;
  • Main deck area: ~4 300 m2.

To see how Sevan FLNG’s operations will look like, check out the video below:

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