MPSA Singapore, Wartsila

Wärtsilä, MPA Singapore to work on future fuels and talent development

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and technology group Wärtsilä have inked a partnership deal that will focus on the introduction of next-generation renewable fuels, optimisation of digital port operations, and developing future talent. 

Image credit MPA Singapore

The duo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) paving the way for the exploration of renewable fuel technologies and seeking partnerships to develop green fuel safety concepts and procedures to ensure the safe handling and operation of future fuels. The gained insights are expected to support the development of global standards for maritime fuel safety.  

As part of this partnership, the pair will also work on making port operations more efficient by developing reliable, secure, and cost-effective data exchanges between vessels and port operations. Sharing of data at scale, including real time data, has the potential of unlocking insights to optimise port and vessel operations such as Just-in-Time planning. It can also greatly enhance data-based value generation, including the development of new capabilities and operational processes. The development of an operational concept for vessels and harbour craft utilising AI-based monitoring, tracking, and incident response, is also planned. Big data from Wärtsilä’s Navi-Port system, MPA’s digital platforms and other relevant sources will be at the core of the algorithms to power the AI. 

MPA and Wartsila will also collaborate on assessing cyber threats and risks to shipboard systems, ship-shore system communications and MPA’s digital platforms.

To equip the future maritime workforce with skills and competencies relating to digitalisation and decarbonisation, MPA and Wartsila will explore working with partners and stakeholders to identify new skills. The collaboration could include working with the Tripartite Advisory Panel under the Alliance for Future Maritime Talent (AFMT TAP) to co-create enhanced training curriculum to improve training effectiveness.  

“As a major bunkering and a maritime hub port supported by a robust R&D and start-up ecosystem, Singapore is at the heart of marine tech innovation and at an exciting phase for the potential introduction of maritime fuels such as methanol, hydrogen and its derivatives such as ammonia. MPA looks forward to our partnership with Wartsila to unlock our collective potentials and develop solutions that can be scaled to benefit global maritime community,” said Kenneth Lim, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry and Transformation), MPA. 

“Over the years we have established a strong relationship with MPA, having worked together on various projects aimed at boosting efficiencies and sustainability,” commented Roger Holm, President, Wärtsilä Marine Power and Executive Vice President.

“This collaboration elevates Wartsila Voyage’s previous MOU with MPA and to include new impactful areas in decarbonisation and talent development. The partnership will promote innovation and accelerate the industry’s transition to new cleaner fuels and the adoption of the latest technologies. By working in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders and qualified partners, Wärtsilä and MPA are making a concerted effort to create more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable maritime operations.”