WATCH: Gina Krog Jacket in Place

During the last weekend in June the Gina Krog jacket was installed in the North Sea.

Including rigging and buoyancy tanks the jacket weighing more than 17 000 tons was secured to the seabed with 18 more than 90 meter long piles, and it’s ready for the summer drilling campaign.

The Gina Krog jacket left the Hereema Fabrications yard in Vlissingen on June 19 for its final location. The Hermod heavy-lift vessel was used to install the jacket on the seabed.

On Friday June 26, the barge was tilted by trimming the ballast and the jacket was positioned floating horizontally in the water after which the Hermod installed the jacket legs on the seabed in their correct positions.

“The operation was successful and went according to plan and without any incidents,” says Rune Danielsen, head of transport and installation in the Gina Krog project. “This operation has been planned for 2.5 years, and we had to change to a different heavy-lift vessel in the process. It is wonderful to see the jacket installed on the seabed, where it will remain for several decades.”