WES Seeks External Experts for Quick Connection R&D Project

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) wishes to engage with up to 8 suitably qualified and experienced individuals as external assessors to provide technical expertise during the assessment of applications to the Quick Connection Systems R&D Services call.

To ensure projects with the most promise are selected for support, WES intends to engage with independent External Experts to assist the WES team in the assessment and selection of project proposals.

The budget currently available for all external experts through this tender is GBP 80k.

Quick Connection Systems are the next subcomponent to be developed by WES in its multi-million pound wave energy technology programme.

The ideal technological solution would function in large wave conditions, connect quickly to reduce maintenance costs and increase safety by operating remotely.

The connection systems would be an integral element of the mooring system, the electrical system, or both for the wave energy devices. It is likely that suitable systems can be used or adapted from other sectors such as automotive, offshore wind, mining, aerospace, defence, robotics, maritime and oil & gas.

Successful applicants to the call will undertake a feasibility study on their proposed technical solution in Stage 1, followed by the design and analysis of this technical solution in Stage 2 and to build & test in Stage 3.

WES will offer up to £70,000 (excluding VAT) per project of up to 3-month duration, with applicants free to contribute further funds if desired. Applications must be submitted by 16th September.

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