WestGroup teams up with OOS Energy

OOS Energy, a subsidiary of OOS International, will join forces with WestGroup and create a new company named OOS Energy Platform Services.

WestGroup said on Tuesday that the two companies would join forces following the signing of heads of agreement and that the new company would focus on platform drilling, well intervention, and P&A activities.

The signing was done by WestGroup CEO and owner Odd Børge Skjaerseth and OOS Energy CEO, co-owner, and founder Cor Selen in the presence of the Norwegian State Secretary Ingvild Tybring Gjedde.

WestGroup added that the new company would acquire the first ever continuous motion tender rig.

This tender rig, compliant with NORSOK standards, will be employed on platforms in the Norwegian and UK continental shelves using the OOS International SSCV’s for installation and removal.

According to the company, this combination will enable OOS Energy Platform Services to remove old platform drilling packages that usually require significant investments to upgrade and re-certify.

“With our installation and removal capabilities we can offer an unprecedented cost-effective solution,” the company said.

Selen added: “Another important feature of our unit is that due to its continuous motion and circulation capabilities, this is the only offshore drilling rig capable of drilling/circulating and tripping continuously. Without the need to set slips or stop the motion of the drill string.

“With this capability, the unit will besides improving efficiency on and around the drill floor also substantially improve and de-risk the actual drilling process. This drilling unit will become a true game-changer in the drilling industry.”

WestGroup also said that discussions with future clients were progressing.