WFS Introduces Seatooth PipeLogger Corrosion Monitor

WFS Technologies (WFS) has launched Seatooth PipeLogger Corrosion Monitor.

“Designed to deliver a step reduction in the cost of long term monitoring of subsea pipelines and jumpers, the Seatooth PipeLogger Corrosion Monitor is set to revolutionise subsea asset integrity monitoring,” WFS said in a press release.

The Seatooth PipeLogger Corrosion Monitor incorporates UT (Ultrasonic Thickness) sensors that monitors wall thickness to an accuracy of 0.1mm through up to 6mm of pipe insulation. Wall thickness measurements are taken at user-defined intervals and stored in an on-board data logger, the company explained.

The wireless communications range of standard Seatooth devices through seawater, the seabed, concrete blankets and the splash zone is 5-10m.

Systems are depth rated to 1000m or 4000m and weigh under 5 kg in seawater.