Workers Return to ‘Transocean Legend’ Rig After Cyclone Passes

Karoon Gas Australia has informed that since the 20th December 2013 progress report on Grace‐1 well, off W. Australia, in addition to completing scheduled Blowout Preventer (BOP) testing, the rig was required to be evacuated as a result of tropical cyclone Christine passing near the Grace‐1 location.

Workers Return to 'Transocean Legend' Rig After Cyclone Passes

The rig is currently being remanned and no damage appears to have been sustained during the tropical cyclone. Preparations are underway to resume drilling in the 6‐1/2”hole section as soon as practicable.

As at 0600 WDT on 3 January, the well depth is 4,767 metres. The current hole section is expected to contain the primary Lower Plover formation target.

Grace‐1 is the fourth well in the current exploration program, located in permit WA‐314‐P on a separate structural trend to the previously announced Greater Poseidon gas discoveries. The well is located in a crestal position on a large fault block approximately 35 kilometres north of the Poseidon field.

ConocoPhillips is the operator of the jointly held WA‐314‐P Browse Basin permit in which Karoon Gas Australia Ltd holds 90%.

The Transocean Legend semi‐submersible rig is drilling the exploration well.

Karoon Gas Austarlia Map

Upcoming Well Program

The exploration program, operated by ConocoPhillips, plans to utilise the Transocean Legend semi‐ submersible rig for the entire campaign and is expected to continue through  2014.

A minimum of six wells will be drilled during the exploration program, with three drilled to date. The principal objective of the forward exploration program is to better define the size and quality of the hydrocarbon accumulations within the exploration permits which contain the greater Poseidon trend.

Following the completion of the Grace‐1 well and prior to spudding the next well, Poseidon North‐1, the Transocean Legend has a one month maintenance period to complete.

Poseidon North‐1 is the fifth well in the program, located 6.5 km north east of Poseidon‐1. The well is located in a crestal position on a large tilted fault block with the primary target being the Plover Formation. The secondary target is the Montara Formation.

Additional well locations for the remainder of the program will be announced as they obtain joint venture approval.

Press Release, January 03, 2014


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