‘World’s largest’ alkaline electrolysis system for hydrogen production rolled out in China

Chinese clean energy solutions provider Mingyang Smart Energy has designed and manufactured what is said to be the world’s largest alkaline electrolysis system for hydrogen production.

Courtesy of Mingyang Smart Energy
Courtesy of Mingyang Smart Energy

According to the manufacturer, the new system can produce hydrogen at the capacity of 1500-2500Nm3/h with one-button, unattended operations and enables integration with volatile renewable power sources.

In addition, the system’s electrolyzer is 50% shorter than similar products of the same capacity, which lowers hydrogen production loss.

Large-scale applications can reduce the system investment cost per unit capacity by another 30%, bringing green hydrogen closer to price parity, Mingyang explains.

Power-to-X/green hydrogen is considered a vital element of the global energy transition with great potential to decarbonise heating, transportation and industrial processes. By leveraging years of research and innovation, Mingyang’s alkaline electrolysis technology forms a solid foundation for integrated energy solutions and will accelerate future green hydrogen applications at scale.”

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