WorleyParsons gets offshore job in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco has awarded Australian company WorleyParsons a contract to provide project management services for its offshore program.

According to the press release issued by WorleyParsons, under the new six-year contract, the company will provide project management and engineering services for existing and new offshore facilities as part of Saudi Aramco’s capital program. The recent award also includes the PMC contract for marine vessels, which will have a similar six-year duration, the company said.

Commenting on the award, WorleyParsons’ Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wood said: “We thank Saudi Aramco for providing us with the opportunity to participate in the definition and management of these critical projects. We are fully committed to supporting Saudi Aramco in the establishment of a strong foundation for the successful implementation of its offshore program.”

Worley Parsons last week said it would lay off more than 2.000 workers due to deterioration in workload since February as a result of the sustained weakness in commodity prices.