XblocPlus for Marina Porto Albania Project

Delta Marine Consultants have signed a license agreement with the Swiss company SEL AG for the use of XblocPlus for the Marina Porto Albania Project.

Under the project, the blocks will protect the marina against the Adriatic Sea’s severe storm waves, including 2.5m³ XblocPlus on the breakwater back area, in combination with 3m³ Xbloc units on the breakwater head.

The XblocPlus will be applied on the straight and mildly curved breakwater sections, where the blocks can be placed fast and efficiently in the roof-tile pattern, said Delta Marine Consultants.

Block production is expected to start early 2019 and the objective is to complete the breakwaters by early 2020.

The new Marina Porto Albania project will be the first international application of XblocPlus, the company stated.